Terry Jordan - Vocals, guitars and harmonica
A native Texan and co-founder of The Jackpot Band, "T.J." has been playing and singing since age 12, first as a solo act, then hooking up with other players in various projects before the formation of The Jackpot Band in 1998.  He and Jack have been playing together since 1980.




Jack Verble - Lead guitar and vocals
Another son of the great state of Texas, Jack grew up in a musical family environment, and has been playing and singing most of his life.  His guitar styles range from country to jazz and everything in between, with a focus on classic rock.  He's the guitar player you always wanted to be!

 Jeff Gafford - Guitars, bass, keys and vocals
Jeff is Jack's nephew and has been playing with him and T.J. since about 1980.  The three of them are an outstanding trio, and Jeff is a great 'utility man', playing bass, guitar, keyboard and percussive intruments, whatever is called for at the moment.  His lead and harmony vocal ability gives The Jackpot Band its signature 3-part harmony sound.  Crosby, Stills and who?